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Are you looking to add more living space to your home? Whether it’s a home office, home gym, extra bedroom, or simply just more entertaining space – we build home additions in NJ. They are the perfect way to accommodate any and all of these needs.

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Home Addition

Are you looking to add more living space to your home? Whether it’s a home office, home gym, extra bedroom, or simply just more entertaining space – we build home additions in NJ. They are the perfect way to accommodate any and all of these needs.

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Home Additions Contractors In NJ

At GT General Contracting, we have extensive experience in providing home addition services that meet the highest industry standard. Our team of experienced contractors is dedicated to helping you turn your vision into a reality.

We take pride in our ability to listen to your needs and transform them into functional and aesthetically pleasing designs for any home addition project.

We understand that home additions come with a variety of considerations, such as budgeting, scheduling, and construction materials. That’s why we offer personalized consultation services to give you peace of mind throughout the entire process.

We’ll work with you every step of the way from concept to completion – so you can rest assured that everything will be done on-time and within your budget.

On top of that, we use only high-quality construction materials for every home addition project we undertake. 

From steel frames to fire-resistant insulation – no matter what materials are used, they are designed and incorporated into the project following strict industry standards.

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The Best Home Addition Contractors In NJ

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Our commitment extends further than providing top-notch home addition services – we prioritize customer service too!

We strive to provide excellent communication throughout every step in order for our clients’ expectations to be exceeded consistently.

Our team is always available should you have any questions or concerns during the duration of the project.

When it comes down to it – at GT General Contracting, our main priority is delivering satisfying results for all clients who trust us with their home addition projects!

So if you’re considering having a home addition built, look no further because our team has got you covered! Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation, and let us help bring your dreams into reality!

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Types of Home Additions in NJ

Home additions are a great way to add extra space and value to your home. Whether it’s for extra living space, entertaining, or home offices, home additions can be an affordable and functional option.

In New Jersey, there are a variety of home addition options that range from bumping out existing walls to adding an entirely new level to your home.

Types of Home Additions:

There are many types of home additions.

Major Room Addition:

Adding a new room to your house is a common way to make your house bigger in New Jersey. This type of home addition means making more space by either making existing walls bigger or building an entirely new structure with its own roofline. Some rooms that are added this way are bedrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, and home offices.

Second Story Addition:

A second story addition is a great way to add much more space to your home without expanding outward and adding extra square footage onto the lot size. With a second story home addition, you can create more bedrooms, bathrooms and open spaces like a great room or loft area.

Garage Conversion:

If you’re looking for additional living space but don’t have the budget for a major room expansion or full second story addition, garage conversions can be an affordable alternative solution in New Jersey. Many garages are large enough to easily convert into living spaces such as in-law apartments or rental units for income purposes.

Sun-rooms/Patio Enclosures:

If you want the extra outdoor feel without being exposed to the elements during certain times of the year, sunrooms and patio enclosures are good middle ground options between outdoor patios and indoor living spaces in New Jersey homes.

They offer plenty of natural light while being sheltered from windy weather conditions or bugs during warmer months when used correctly with insect screens on windows and doors.

Reasons for Building Home Additions:

1. Increase Living Space: The obvious reason is that building additional home additions can give you more livable square footage in your home so that you aren’t cramped while entertaining guests or need more privacy when working from home or converting guest bedrooms into home offices;

2. Increase Home Value: Another popular reason why homeowners build home additions is that it increases their home’s overall value when done right;

3. Improve Energy Efficiency: By installing energy efficient windows and doors during a remodel project helps improve energy efficiency throughout the entire house;

4 Expand Outdoor Areas: Sun-room additions also let homeowners expand their outdoor area while still providing shelter from harsher weather conditions;

5 Create Income Opportunities: Finally converting existing garages into income producing rentals can provide an excellent return on investment over time if managed correctly;

Hire Our Home Addition Contractors in NJ

At GT General Contracting, we are experts at home addition projects! We only use the best materials and our team is made up of experienced professionals who have years of home remodeling experience.

We understand that home additions can be a big deal, so we make sure that each project follows a simple process that includes detailed communication and thorough preparation before any work begins.

Additionally, our home addition experts use only the best materials available for home remodels. This means that your home addition will be built to last and also increase the value of your home in New Jersey.